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What's going on at your Legion


It is a brand new year and decade so lets get it started off with a bang.  There are some dances planned for this year.  So why not get out of the house put on your party clothes and have a good time.  It is a great way to meet new and old friends and get off the couch.  Remember your New Year's Resolution!!!   

We have a done a new rentals page for our web site letting everyone know what a great facility we have here for all your meetings, banquets and parties.  We have included a copy of the menu and prices but we are open to suggestions if the menu does not meet your needs. 

We had a successful Remembrance Day this year and the parade was well attended.  More thanks go out to the volunteers who helped us out at all the Christmas Parties.  It is your hard work that made it another successful season. 

We welcome our new President and his executive, looking forward to a very successful and profitable year.

There are many plans for the upcoming year, and it looks to be a fun and busy one.  There are many banquets, dances and fun activities planned for each and everyone.  Be sure to check the calendar of events to see what is coming up.




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